Symbol Force

No nonsense consulting.


Communicate Clearly

Software's basic building blocks are decisions. Communicating clearly is critical to delivering valuable software.

Take Ownership

Your software is our software. We treat every project we work on as if it were one of our own.

Be Transparent

A strong foundation comes from everybody being on the same page. Every participant should be empowered by having access to everything they need to do their job as well as they can.

Be Experts

We should be experts at every service we offer our clients.

Provide Value

All effort should be put towards providing tangible value. All decisions should be made with this in mind.


Symbol Force is small by design. We have less management overhead, which makes us more efficient, which means you get more valuable work per hour. We are also better able to adapt to different workflows and processes, because being small affords us the ability to use loosely defined processes ourself. Lastly, there is less communication overhead in a small company, which lends itself to transparency, efficiency, and accountability.


Pete Schall

Pete started Symbol Force as a Ruby on Rails consultancy in 2006. He first started programming with a Commodore 64, and his childhood was shaped by the ever-expanding role of computers in music & art. In his spare time, Pete loves spending time with his wife, daughter & dog, playing puzzle games, enjoying nature, and playing sports.


Ryan Ziegler

Ryan’s programming skills were forged in the white hot fires of his basement lair, surrounded by oscilloscopes and electrical equipment. Rumor has it that he was given super powers by electromagnetic induction. Recently his powers were multiplied by attaining hair in the shape of a magnificent horse mane. In his spare time, Ryan likes long walks on the beach and playing Spaceteam.


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Ryan Ziegler

Charleston, SC

Pete Schall

Durham, NC
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